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Whether you're a small business owner or part of a larger corporation, we create automated and efficient solutions that will save you time and money.

Small Firm Dedication. Big Firm Results.

tek13 is a Michigan-based consulting firm focusing on the needs of small and medium businesses. We have a creative approach that delivers customized solutions focusing on the ares where you need it most. We like to automate tasks and create smooth processes, saving you time and money.

Our consulting firm can help your business with ...

Process Improvement

Our specialty is creating task efficiencies and automation using Microsoft Excel and other software applications.

Reporting and Forecasting

We're can provide useful management reports including income statements, balance sheets, forecasts, scorecards and other financial and operational reports.

Education and Training

Everyone has different skill levels in the workplace. We can provide a tailored Excel training plan that targets employees needs and provides more meaning so they can apply on a daily basis.

Back Office Support

We can assist with back office duties such as book keeping, data entry, account reconciliation and other accounting and office support tasks. At this time we do not provide tax services!

Systems, Tools and Forms

We can review technological systems and tools, design forms and templates, and consult on best practices.

Business Ideas

You run a successful busines, but sometimes you need an external opinion. We can help provide ideas from a unique standpoint!

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